Divorce Mediation – Resolving Your Marriage Differences Amicably

Divorce mediation is about coming to a decision regarding what is best for both you and your former spouse. Mediation can be especially helpful in cases where there are children involved, as it can be a more relaxed and hospitable environment than going through the court. When you initiate the mediation process, you and your

What Does a Family Mediator Do?

Recently, a friend called from out of town and asked me about mediation. He and his wife are getting divorced, and he was having a problem negotiating with her. While they are really not that far apart in their positions, nothing was happening because he and his wife were having difficulty communicating. Since my friend

Cost of Litigation Versus Mediation in Family Law

Law is a business. And lawyers are in business to make money. In many cases, lots of it. In most civil cases, you need the sage advice of a person educated in statutory and case law to protect your legal rights and interests, and to advocate on your behalf. However, there are some civil disputes,

Is A Divorce Mediation Settlement Legally Binding?

Yes, either the mediation will close with a signed agreement, or if attorneys are representing the parties they will commit to ending the lawsuit with a formal settlement and release agreement. We always recommend a formal agreement is prepared before the parties leave the mediation. Some courts require that process, particularly if a case in